Monday, February 9, 2009

The Jewett's

Hey this is Melissa, and this is my first blog as a "Jewett". I married KC Jewett in July of 2008.
We meet in 2006 working at Sports Authority together. Which by the way has been one of the funnest job i have ever had. I have met the best people there and best of husband KC!
We instantly hit it off and became friends right off the back. We helped each other with problems that we had with the opposite sex and tried to make each others lives easier by giving little bits of advise here and there. Well in doing this and explaining to each other what we wanted in a boyfriend/girlfriend, we realized we were the only ones that were truly going to make each other happy.
Well would you look at that, after two years of being friends and 6 months of dating, we decided that no one could ever make us as happy as we make each other. So here we are
KC and Melissa Jewett!!